Virtual Gatherings Guidelines

Throughout 2020, 2021 and the lockdowns due to COVID-19, the Encephalitis Society have held virtual meetings for members as a fun way to come together in self-isolation.

Feedback from attendees has showed that the community love having a place to gather to share stories and experiences, no matter where they are from in the world. In 2022 we will continue to host a weekly meeting with one of the support team as part of our regular offering, and host additional monthly meetings for specific parts of the community.

2022 meeting schedule:

Every Thursday 4-5pm (GMT/BST) – weekly gathering, open to all (with a member of the support team).

Monthly Wednesday meetings for people directly affected by encephalitis, as below (with a member of the support team, and volunteer with relevant experiences):

  • Wednesday 9th March, 6-7pm (GMT)
  • Wednesday 13th April, 6-7pm (BST)
  • Wednesday 11th May, 6-7pm (BST)
  • Wednesday 8th June, 6-7pm (BST)

Monthly Wednesday meetings for carers/family members/support networks, as below (with a member of the support team, and volunteer with relevant experiences):

  • Wednesday 16th March, 6-7.30pm (GMT)
  • Wednesday 20th April, 6-7.30pm (BST)
  • Wednesday 18th May, 6-7.30pm (BST)
  • Wednesday 15th June, 6-7.30pm (BST)

A further pilot Wednesday meeting, for parents of children affected by encephalitis will take place on Wednesday 25th May 6-7pm (BST). Please get in touch to sign up for this meeting. 

Further Wednesday meetings for 2022 will be advertised here and on our social media channels in the new year.  

We hold meetings via Zoom, a video chat website. If you interested in taking part, please get in touch*

*Please register your interest at least 24 hours before a meeting.

Volunteer-led Regional Virtual Gatherings 

A number of our trained Support Volunteers also hold regular regional virtual gatherings on Zoom. These are a fantastic way to meet and connect with other members of the Society in your local area who have been directly or indirectly affected by encephalitis.

We have the following set up so far this year (BST/GMT):

North West
Monday 16th May at 6pm
Monday 27th June at 6pm

Saturday 18th June - in-person meet up, please get in touch for more info.

Wednesday 18th May - in-person meet up in Glasgow, please get in touch for more info.
Wednesday 22nd June at 6pm

Northern Ireland
Tuesday 24th May at 6.30pm
Tuesday 22nd June at 6.30pm

Republic of Ireland
Monday 23rd May at 6pm
Monday 20th June at 6pm

Australia and New Zealand
Monday 9th May - get in touch for local time.
Monday 6th June - get in touch for local time.

If you are interested in joining any of these please register your interest at least 24 hours prior to the meeting by emailing Laura, Volunteer and Well-being Manager - [email protected] 

If you don't see your area covered and would like to set one up, please email Laura - [email protected] for a chat*.

*Please be mindful if you would like to run one in your area you will need to train as a Support Volunteer which includes a Safeguarding course and a police check.

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