As families do the world over, we celebrated Nicholas’ birthday in February of this year.

However, Nicholas died last July (aged thirty-six years old) from complications rising from viral encephalitis, which had ravaged his mind and body for twenty years. How do you survive and move forward? As a family we are still working that out!

(Read Nicholas' Story)

Nicholas was our eldest and only son with two younger sisters. Rebecca, unable to buy her brother a birthday present, decided to run the Great South Run 2019 in memory of Nicholas and for the Encephalitis Society. Bethan, being the youngest, and with a healthy sibling competitiveness, decided to run too.

Nicholas’ death has greatly affected our family and friends. As Rebecca’s plan became common knowledge across the family, more and more people signed up to do the challenge. There are now seven runners raising money in memory of Nicholas.

Nicholas at his sister's wedding in 2016

Our team consists of:

Julian -  Nicholas’ dad. Not a natural runner; actually hates running but enjoys other sports! To sponsor Julian, visit his JustGiving Page

Rebecca - Nicholas’ sister. Completed a half marathon in 2016, and is a mother of three. Rebecca's JustGiving Page

Bethan  - Nicholas’ sister. Plays Netball weekly and holds the record in our family for having visited the most countries in the world! Will probably come first or second out of the team.

Stephanie - Nicholas’ aunt. Wants to come first or second but won’t! Not that we are competitive within our family! Stephanie's JustGiving Page

Ed - Nicholas’ first cousin once removed, but only four years older than Nicholas - families are complicated! Ed is the most likely to come first. Ed's JustGiving Page

Laura - Nicholas’ godmother. Never run before but enthusiastic, and encouraged by her family.

Gary - A friend of Rebecca’s who wanted to support us as a family and an all round good guy.

Who am I?

I’m Sarah, Nicholas’ mum, who has undertaken the task of writing a blog of the team’s training successes and any mishaps along the way. The greatest success of the last few weeks is the investment in new running trainers, booking hotels and a restaurant for twenty-eight people for after the run. And so the training begins...