Join us on the 28th June for our first ever Puzzlathon.

We are challenging you to complete as many puzzles as you can in eight hours - via our award-winning BrainWalk app. 

Why support us?

We all know how important it is to keep our brains active and healthy, but what happens when something goes wrong?

As a result of encephalitis, many people are left with an acquired brain injury, meaning overnight their life has been completely changed.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all of us have been unable to see and spend time with our family and friends. For many affected by encephalitis that is their constant reality. They may be unable to recognise their husband’s face, or have forgotten giving birth to their own child, or they have lost their mum to this devastating condition.

But you can help us change this narrative. By taking part in our Puzzlathon, you are giving your brain a fun workout,  and most importantly you are helping us to fund more research and support those who are living with the effects of encephalitis, just like Jane.*

 Your support is invaluable. I will never forget how knowledgeable,  sympathetic and kind the support team was when I initially got in touch when mum became ill and since then everyone else that we have dealt with have been so lovely. It is such a fantastic society, we were lucky we had you there to call on.

How do I get started?

We want our Puzzlathon to be a fun day for us all, so an 'honour box' system is being used to help us select the winner.

BrainWalk is FREE to download with no in-app purchases. 

How to download:

Once you are logged in:

1. Visit and donate at least £5 to enter the Puzzlathon. Players must include their BrainWalk username and #Puzzlathon in the comments box.

2. At 09:00 click on Brian the Brain and make a note of how many games you have played so far (this will be 0 for any newbies). You will need to either email [email protected] or post on BrainWalk your starting number. 

3. Complete as many puzzles (of your choice) as you can in 8 hours. 

4. At 17:00, click on Brian the Brain once more and make a note of how many games you have now played. As before, either email [email protected] or post on BrainWalk your final total. 

5. The winner is the person who has played the most puzzles! (Only players who have paid the entry fee are valid).

You must send us both your 'starting games' and' closing games' totals in order for us to measure how many games you have played within the 8 hours - you can send this to us at any time during the day via Brainwalk or email

Good luck!

PS - Don't forget to get your friends and family involved too by sharing our event.

If you have any questions about BrainWalk or how to fundraise, please email us or call +44(0)1653 692583. 

For more information, please look at our FAQs and Terms and Conditions

This project is supported by a charitable donation from Pfizer Limited

We are also very grateful to Hedley McEwan for their support of BrainWalk - COVID-19 Edition

 *(name has been changed for anonymity purposes).