Author Catherine Jessop joins Dr Ava Easton to talk about her excellent new book Pulling Through: Help for Families Navigating Life-Changing Illness.

On Boxing Day 2016, Catherine's husband, Alan, had his first devastating seizure as a result of encephalitis, thrusting the Jessop family into an unknown world.

In her book, she shares advice and inspiration on everything she has learned, with chapters clarifying medical terms and explaining tests and scans as well as explaining some of the financial and legal issues around illness.

Catherine also focuses on the emotional side of having a relative with a brain injury and how it affects the whole family, sharing her own thoughts on how to look after the mental health of both patient and carer and the power of nature, humour, music and optimism.

This is an excellent chat about an excellent book - enjoy!

Pulling Through: Help for Families Navigating Life-Changing Illness is available to order from Amazon and all good bookshops.

Catherine will be speaking at My Brain: My Story on Saturday, October 23rd. You can join us at this Encephalitis Society event virtually or in person at Aston University, Birmingham.

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