BrainWalk, our award-winning smartphone app, is now available to download for World Encephalitis Day.

Many of us are feeling a bit gloomy right now, and BrainWalk 2021 can help us keep our brains and bodies healthy! Plus the App brings our global community of BrainWalkers together to share how we are all feeling right now.

So, why not add it to your phone and join our BrainWalk community in taking part in brain teaser puzzles, chatting online, and getting outside and exercising (COVID-19 restrictions permitting, of course).

We will officially start counting the number of games played and our steps at 12pm GMT on Monday, 1st February, and will continue to do so all the way through to 12pm GMT on 21st February.

If you haven't already downloaded it to your smartphone, please do so and become part of a friendly and supportive community who have a shared interest in raising awareness of encephalitis for World Encephalitis Day 2021.

Happy Brainwalking!

How to download BrainWalk

New users:

  1. Visit your phone's App store - either Google Play or the Apple App Store - and search for BrainWalk.
  2. Download BrainWalk!
  3. Open the App and register. You can then create or join a team - or play solo. You will be asked to sync BrainWalk to your FitBit or your phone's Health Kit.
  4. Start BrainWalking!

Existing users

  1. Delete the BrainWalk App and then reinstall it to ensure you are using the latest version of the App.
  2. Login using the same email and password as previously used – simply hit ‘forgotten password’ if you aren’t sure of the details.
  3. Start BrainWalking!