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Raising Awareness of Encephalitis

Raising awareness of Encephalitis is at the core of everything we do, forming one of our key objectives.

The General Public
We work on a global scale to spread information on Encephalitis, raising awareness and increasing understanding of the condition itself. We provide information to hospitals, GP’s and other healthcare outlets in order to increase the public’s understanding of the causes, symptoms and effects of Encephalitis. If you would like to help raise awareness of Encephalitis where you live, contact admin@encephaltis.info to see how you can help.

World Encephalitis Day – 22nd February
We are the organisers of ‘World Encephalitis Day,’ a global day of awareness for Encephalitis. In it’s inaugural year, we reached an estimated 2million people with supporters from countries around the world taking part in awareness events and helping to connect people with Encephalitis.

We work with a number of news agencies by supplying them with compelling case studies of those that have been affected by this devastating condition. If you are interested in having your story told and helping to raise awareness through the press, you can contact us at comms@encephalitis.info

Relevant professionals
For health, education and social care professionals we organise conferences, workshops, and seminars that provide tailor-made training packages. We also collaborate with other relevant health organisations to share information, experience and best practice.

We attend a number of conferences throughout the year, in order to reach out to professionals, making them aware of our comprehensive resources. We produce quality, evidence-based information that is accredited by the NHS England Information Standard

Statutory agencies 
We send information to Hospital and Community departments. You can help by taking posters and leaflets to your local hospital or Health Centre and checking that the posters are displayed and leaflets have not run out.

Last but not least
Wear our jigsaw badge and tell people what it stands for!

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